1. Determine your wedding budget

Knowing your financial capabilities, it will be easier for the organizer to find you a perfect location and all the vendors to celebrate your wedding as you always dreamed.

2. Find a wedding planner or a wedding agency that lives and works officially in Italy or France

This will help you to reduce the cost of maintaining the agency, as well as to avoid trouble in case of audit of the financial authorities, since the agencies that are not registered with the fiscal authorities of Italy, are working illegally. Wedding planner who lives in Italy, knows the mentality, laws and peculiarities of organizing events in each region of the country.   

3. Decide the region of the country for the celebration

Each region of Italy or France has a special atmosphere. Lake Como is characterised by luxury villas with a pompous decor. Wedding in Tuscany is for lovers of "rustic" style with retro light bulbs and garlands of greenery on the tables.  A wedding on the French Riviera is a spectacular landscape and exquisite chateau interiors.

4. Choose the wedding date

When choosing a date, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the Italians and foreigners themselves are preparing for the wedding a year or even more before the event, so in many locations the weekends can be scheduled for a year in advance.  We always advise our couples, if possible, not to “get attached “to the date, then there will be an opportunity to choose a beautiful site that suits their tastes. Our advice is to start preparing for the wedding at least three months in advance, but the best option is six months before the date of the event.  

5. Choose a location for the wedding

This is one of the most important and difficult moments in wedding preparations. Both in Italy and France, there are many beautiful places for a wedding celebration.  When choosing a venue for your wedding, take into account its remoteness from the airport or train station. You also need to pay attention to whether there are hotels in surroundings to accommodate your guests. 

6. Find vendors

Once your wedding planner is found, the date is determined, the most beautiful location for your wedding in Italy is selected, you can go to more pleasant chores, to choose

  • the photographer
  • video maker
  • decorator
  • florist 
  • rings
  • wedding dresses

Be sure to listen to the advice of your wedding planner regarding the choice of the vendors. As a rule, wedding agencies have a list of trusted partners who will help to make your wedding day exactly the one you dreamed of. And you will enjoy one of the happiest days of your life.