With the help of our team of professionals, every tiny flower in a bride’s bouquet, every photo-memory taken, and every smile will become a unique story.

Wedding House pays attention to details. We make thorough planning for each minute of the event so that the newlyweds and their guests can enjoy the most beautiful and tasty moments.


Our most precious goal is to make your celebration unforgettable and unique. You enjoy each other and your special day without any worries. And we tackle all the organizational tasks. With a many years-track of work experience, we can say that we are pretty good at hitting our goal.




Everything for Your Dream Wedding

A team of professionals

We have gathered a team of professionals that love their work and will help you to have a dream wedding. We make up a united well-composed mechanism, where each professional adds and reinforces the strengths of the other. Together with our partners, we are always striving for self-improvement, learning, and development, so that the weddings we organize become better and better.


•  Selection of wedding locations across Italy 

•  Organization both, the symbolic and the official wedding ceremonies

•  Wedding scenario development

•  Consulting and facilitating the reception of Nulla Osta

•  Photography and videography

•  Wedding moderator

•  Music

•  Wedding planner


•  Wedding dress-code

•  Wedding décor and flower creations

•  Wedding print materials

•  Planning for the wedding reception

•  Stylistic solutions for the bride and the groom

•  Wedding cake

•  Firework show

•  Lights and digital equipment

•  Transfer

•  Child care and animation for the little guests

•  A yacht, helicopter, or air balloon excursion

•  Organization of birthday parties, surprise event, and marriage proposals


Facilitation of travel tickets booking; accommodation booking; pre-wedding events; leisure time events, etc.



Weddings, organized by us



The most beautiful corners of Italy

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