Spend your most important day in the most scenic Italian spot

Villa Adel

Compact and cozy villa is ideal for small atmospheric weddings in a close circle of friends and family. Villa Adel is located in the heart of Tuscany region


     • Type of ceremony: symbolic

     •  Accommodation for guests: 14 persons

     •  Menu per person: 180€

     •  Open air ceremony with a view on olive groves and vineyards: Yes

     •  The use of video drones: Yes

Villa del Balbianello

Villa del Balbianello is a pearl of Lake Como. Although Italy boasts plenty of beautiful places, lake Como rests one of the most romantic Italian spots.

Regardless of the time of the year,  people from all over the world are coming here to spend one of their most important events - wedding celebration. This villa is very popular among the couples from all over the world, so it is important to book it at least half a year in advance.


   • Type of ceremony: symbolic and official

​   • Accommodation for guests: no

   • Dinner or apero: yes

   • Boat tour: yes

   • Open air ceremony with a lake view: yes

   • Only photo session: 200€

   • The use of video drones: no


Villa Erba

Villa Erba is the beauty and the chic. This villa can easily compete with several Rothschilds’ villas in its chic and the efforts put into its construction.


    •  Type of ceremony: symbolic

    •  Accommodation for guests: no

    •  Arrival on a boat: yes

    •  Arrival on a car: yes

    •  Open air ceremony with a lake view: yes

    •  The use of video drones: yes


Villa Giaconda

Villa Giaconda is like a beautiful lady who looks over the busy tourists from a high hill. Ignoring this mundane noise, she makes one fall in love with her mystery and serenity.

Ancient villa with a rich history. Stories tell that here used to live Mona Lisa, whose portrait was captured by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503 – 1506. His “La Giaconda” became the most mysterious masterpiece. Couples from all over the world are coming to this villa to celebrate their love with a wedding ceremony.



     •  Type of ceremony: official and symbolic

     •  Accommodation for guests: yes

     •  Dinner or apero: yes

     •  Open air ceremony with a view on olive groves: yes

     •  Only photo session: yes

     •  The use of video drones: yes


Villa Menta

Villa Menta is located on the banks of the Lake Maggiore. The guests will enjoy a great spa center, private beach and an open pool with water heater, from which there open a view on Borromean islands. It is also possible to organize a beautiful photo session on the Bella island.


     •  Type of ceremony: official and symbolic

     •  Accommodation for guests: yes

     •  Dinner or apero: yes

     •  Open air ceremony with a view on olive groves: yes

     •  Arrival on a boat: yes

     •  The use of video drones: yes

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